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Roles in movie making
There a number of very specific roles taken on by people in order to get a movie made. The main roles associated with movie making are described below.

As a group you will need to assign roles to members of your team. There may be a need for some people to take on several roles.

In the movie you are making, the whole group will be responsible for developing the story and the script. Other groups will be your actors.
Click on the link to open the template to assign the roles of movie making in your group.

Click here to download the roles template for your group


Role Description
Director Responsible for creating the vision of the film
(e.g. James Cameron Titanic, Steven Spielberg Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Ron Howard A Beautiful Mind).
Producer Responsible for overseeing the film and making sure everything get completed
Screenwriter Writes the story and script
Actor Works in front of the camera
Editor Responsible for editing all the individual shots into scenes and then making this into a cohesive story.
(e.g. Zach Staenberg Matrix, John Bloom Gandhi).
Production designer Responsible for the location and the feel of the film
Director of photography
Responsible for the lighting and ensuring the wishes of the director are carried out in relation to the filming (angles, movement, shots)
(e.g. Dean Semler Dances with Wolves, Andrew Lesnie Lord of the Rings)
Art director Responsible for the sets, costume and make-up
(e.g. Catherine Martin Moulin Rouge, Lizzy Gardiner The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert)