Post Production
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Editing is the most important part of the video making process. It can make or break your film.

What is it?
Editing is taking the raw video footage, manipulating it through a video editor and adding the other elements of post production (e.g. music, sounds, titles, credits, and transitions) to create meaning in the film.

A few guidelines for good editing

  • Make cuts when people are moving. The ongoing motion will distract the viewer from the cut.
  • It is a good idea to separate pan or zoom shots by a static shot. Joining together scenes where the camera is moving does not work.
  • A shot with little movement or action should be short.
  • A long shot usually has more content for a viewer to absorb. It should be longer on the screen to allow the viewer to get all the information out of the shot.
  • Generally shots following one another should be from different camera angles.
  • Make cuts that avoid breaks in the visual continuity for the viewer.