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A shot is an uninterrupted sequence of frames taken by a video camera. In other words, this is the continuous film taken from when the camera has been turned on to when it has been turned off.

A list of shots helps in the planning and filming of your movie. An example of a shot list can be seen below. Click on the link to print out your copy of the shot list template.

Click here to get the template

Stikkup shot list - Shots 1 to 6

Shot 1: Long Shot establishing the view of a bank that is not too well known.
Shot 2: Medium Shot of Dick and Tom walk across the view of the camera. You get a view of their head and the side of their body. This shot is to only to show they have arrived at the bank.
Shot 3: Big Close Up Shot of Dick and Tom. They look at each other and then they separate.
Shot 4:
Medium Long Shot of Dick walking to the writing desk.
Shot 5: Medium Shot of Dick at the writing desk.
Shot 6: Extreme close-up shot of Dick’s hand picking up a deposit slip and writing on the deposit slip “This is a stiikup. Put all your muny in this bag”.