Ready to Roll

Breakdown and Rehearsal Sheet
The aim of completing this sheet for each scene is to make sure everything needed to film the frames has been collected. A number of shots can be included on one sheet as long as the action is in the one location. This is where the mise-en-scene comes into action. All the elements of actors, props, costume, location, coding of colours, lighting and camera angles, shots and movements come together, ready for filming.

Click on the link to see the breakdown and rehearsal sheet for the opening scene of ‘Stikkup’. Shot 1 in the storyboard example given in the Pre-production section is not included here. It was the establishing shot for the movie and would need another Breakdown and rehearsal sheet completed before shooting the scene.

Click on the link to download:

The Breakdown and rehearsal sheet template

Breakdown and rehearsal sheet for Stikkup