Visual Literacy
How do I make meaning

Checklist of elements
comprising visual literacy

Before you begin to plan your movie you need to have an understanding of the various elements that make up the visual literacy in a frame. This is otherwise known as Mise-en-scene. This term refers to all that appears before the camera, including performers, setting and lighting. It also includes camera movement and action. Mise-en-scene means “placed in the scene” and refers to everything that is put into the frame. The term encompasses the overall “design” of the film and the mise-en-scene can help the viewer identify a film’s genre and context.

The main elements of mise-en-scene are:

  • Setting/Location
  • Props
  • Costumes, make up and hairstyles
  • Coding of colours
  • Actors, body language and position in frame
  • Lighting

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