Visual Literacy
How do I make meaning

What is it?

When your teachers were at school the process of reading was understood to be the deciphering of words on a page to understand what the writer was trying to say.

You now have to be much more skilful readers. In the world today, reading encompasses a whole new range of critical and creative skills. Without possibly realizing it, you take in a lot of information just from looking at still and moving images. As users of the Internet, you read in quite a different way from the linear process of words on a page. There are many different elements used to attract your attention: colour fonts and background, moving text and images and flashing icons all work to convey a message. As well, you are taking in other layered messages through the use of semiotics like the NIKE swoosh and, at the same time, creating your own language via text messaging.

In using this website, you will be focusing on learning the skills needed to create a visual text; in this case, a short movie. You will learn about all the elements that go into making a movie. You will then be able to apply those skills to make your own movie that creates the meaning you want for your viewer.

The definition of visual literacy in the English syllabus is as follows:
“ The ability to decode, interpret, create, question, challenge and evaluate texts that communicate with visual images as well as, or rather than words. Visually literate people can read the intended meaning in a visual text such as an advertisement or a film shot, interpret the purpose and intended meaning, and evaluate the form, structure and features of the text. They can also use images in a creative and appropriate way to express meaning.”

You will be surprised at how much you know, just from growing up in a visual world.