Visual Literacy
How do I make meaning

Relation to the English Syllabus

How does this project help students to develop visual literacy?
By the time students reach Term 4 of Year 8, they have undertaken at least two formal film studies in English. Through these class film studies, students have been given formal instruction in how to become critical consumers of film.

This project provides students the opportunity to apply the skills they have developed in the study of film to the making of film. Through this project, students will construct their own visual message, thereby developing their visual literacy not as consumers deciphering visual messages but as producers constructing meaning through visual images.

Technology and ‘film making’ – the stages:
Stage 4 English Syllabus Links – the outcomes
  • Conventions of film text
  • Forms/features of visual texts
  • Narrative techniques in film making
  • Process of representation
  • Transform concepts into film
  • Shaping meaning in multi-modal texts
  1. Responds to and composes texts for understanding, interpretation, critical analysis and pleasure
  2. Uses a range of processes for responding to and composing texts
  3. Responds to and composes texts in different technologies
  4. Draws on experience, information and ideas to imaginatively and interpretively respond to and compose texts
  5. Thinks critically and interpretively about information, ideas and arguments to respond to and compose texts
  6. Uses, reflects on and assesses individual and collaborative skills for learning.